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A Place to Grow: Perfect for the Santa Barbara Lifestyle

a place to growCreate Your Own Unique Backyard Retreat

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed the growing popularity of She Sheds and Man Caves but what about different backyard retreats like art studios, meditation retreats, Zen dens, wine rooms or greenhouses? American homeowners are increasingly drawn to adding a place to grow: outdoor lifestyle rooms for entertaining and recreation on their properties, crafted from recycled and reclaimed building materials.
Think Sustainable Outdoor Spaces
As more and more environmentally conscious consumers are remodeling their homes to take advantage of the outdoor lifestyle, A Place to Grow is claiming unique materials and repurposing them into amazing outdoor structures.
The company works with contractors, landscapers, and Habitat for Humanity to collect materials that would ordinarily end up in the landfill.
“We work with local wood operations that mill urban forested lumber, trees that have either fallen on their own or that an arborist has determined needs to be removed,” explains A Place to Grow’s Dana O’Brien. “We bring out clients vision to reality when it come to creating the perfect place to grow plants, place to grow spiritually, place to grow children. Our motto is building community one greenhouse at a time.”
Craftsmanship and Materials   
Each structure is custom created with the highest level of attention to detail. A Place to Grow’s aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound structures are considered to be functional art. The reclaimed windows and doors are made from repurposed materials like 100-year-old barn wood, urban-forested lumber or repurposed French oak.
Producing Your Unique Outdoor Lifestyle Space  
A Place to Grow works with clients to fulfill their dream. An environmentally friendly company, it builds each outdoor space with the following in mind:

  • Created from recycled and reclaimed building materials
  • Re-purposed into functional art, keeping waste out of landfills
  • Custom designed and handcrafted
  • As unique as the reclaimed materials used to build it

For design ideas, check out the company’s blog then contact A Place to Grow to get started. They’ll take your vision and make it into a reality. If you’re looking for a new home where you can create the perfect outdoor lifestyle space in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at I can also help those looking to sell their homes in these areas.

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