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Apr 62018

2018 Home Prices Keep Growing. Economists Say There’s No End in Sight

The seller's market continues, especially here in California I searched the internet to find out what leading economists say about the fact that home prices keep growing; wondering if the market will continue this trend throughout 2018. And the answ...

Apr 32018

The Future of Real Estate: Think Globally

6 predictions for 2020 . . . and beyond Experts predict the future of real estate will change considerably over the next six years and beyond. Those changes in light of the fact that consumer confidence has returned to the real estate arena. The ...

Mar 192018

Is a New Housing Crunch on The Horizon?

Experts say "Yes", citing fewer homes being built in America as one reason for the new housing crunch The job market is strong, the stock market is setting new records and wages are rising, so why is America facing a new housing crunch? According to...

Jan 102018

6 Predictions for the 2018 Housing Market

Experts share 6 predictions for the 2018 housing market including lower home price growth, continued inventory issues, and evolving design trends. According to the latest report from, experts share 6 predictions for the 2018 housing mar...

Jan 32018

Experts Predict California Home Prices Will Continue to Rise in 2018

Experts predict California home prices will continue to rise in 2018. Why such good news? Because the housing recovery is projected to continue for a sixth straight year in 2018. The other news is that the gains will be more modest than in the past, ...

Nov 22017

Housing Inventory Reaches a 20-Year Low

As boomers decide to stay put, so are approximately 33 million properties, blocking the path to entry for millennials and first-time home buyers Housing inventory has hit a 20-year low as the appeal of McMansions wanes and Baby Boomers grow increa...

Apr 282017

Two Trends Affecting the Housing Market Make This Spring the Perfect Time To Sell

  Find out why you need to list your Santa Barbara property now The Associated Press reports two trends are affecting the U.S. housing market right now and they both benefit sellers. First, home prices rose steadily in February, increasing by ...

Mar 172017

Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate

Considering buying or selling your Santa Barbara area home? Act now! We knew the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates, but do you know how the raise will affect you? According to the Los Angeles Times, the Fed's decision to lift its benchmark ...

Feb 282017

Housing Market Off To A Prosperous Start In 2017

Existing home sales spiked to fastest seasonally adjusted annual rate. The housing market is off to a prosperous start this year as existing home sales spiked to the fastest seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) in nearly a decade. NAR's existing-...

Dec 202016

The Federal Reserve Hikes Interest Rates for a 2nd Time in a Decade

Interest rates: what does the hike mean for your wallet? By now you might know the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point: the 2nd rate hike in about ten years. According to the Washington Post, the Fed's rate...

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