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Jul 32018

Planning to Adopt a Dog? 6 Steps to Successfully Integrate a Furry Family Member into Your Home

Set yourself up for success when you adopt a dog When you adopt a dog, you can expect loads of unconditional love along with unwanted hair, dirt, and slobber. As a true dog lover, I’m always excited to hear when a friend or client gets a new fur b...

Sep 12017

What Is the Danish Lifestyle trend called “Hygge” and How Do Santa Barbara Homeowners Embrace It?

Cozy isn't just an adjective, it's a lifestyle Woolly socks, mugs of cocoa, crackling fires...the beloved Danish lifestyle trend of hygge has wintery associations for sure. But it doesn't have to be cold out to get hygge with your home decor. ...

Jul 72017

Want a Blissful Night’s Sleep? Check Out These 10 Zen Bedroom Trends

Which Zen bedroom speaks to you? I just read an article in MyDomaine with 10 Zen bedroom trends that will transform your space and even help you get a good night's sleep. Think about it; your bedroom should be on oasis, a cozy, personal, and incre...

Jun 162016

Discover Santa Barbara From The Window of A Helicopter

Would you like to discover Santa Barbara from the window of a helicopter? >Santa Barbara Helicopter Tours provides an adventure of a lifetime with the company's sightseeing helicopter tour operation. You'll see why the area is known as the jewel of...

Apr 52016

Aging Gracefully in Your Home: New Architecture Designed to Help

I just read an article in about new architecture designed to help homeowners age gracefully. The article takes a look at the philosophy and work of architect Matthias Hollwich who's new book, New Aging, offers a radical blueprint for ret...

Mar 172016

How to Store Your Off Season Clothes

Even here in sunny Santa Barbara, we need to store our off season clothes when the season changes. There's an art to storing your clothes. I found an article in Houzz that offers excellent suggestions: 1) Choose a storage space that's clean and st...

Jan 62015

Remain healthy and stay in harmony with nature through Ayurveda

Even living here in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara, to remain healthy and stay in harmony with nature, experts highly recommended you make lifestyle and dietary adjustments in the winter. The ancient Indian "science of life" called Ayurveda explain...

Nov 212014

Extreme Sustainable Living in Austria

  I am always interested in learning about sustainable living ideas and found this story in The Wall Street Journal with the dirt in the topic. The story features the work of Martin Rauch, a ceramic artist and builder in Schlins, Austria, who u...

Oct 242014

Difficult Real Estate Decisions: Can Tylenol Help?

I just read an interesting article in The Wall Street Journal that might show a correlation between acetaminophen and reduction in the psychological pain of difficult real estate decisions. The article is based on a new study that will be released ne...

Aug 262014

How do you feng shui your home?

In feng shui, the ancient Chinese art and science of energy flow, Yin (passive energy) and Yang (active energy) are associated with the feminine and masculine characteristics of objects in your home. Having more of one over the other creates an imbal...

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