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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Consider Curb Appeal, Space and Updates!

SB house for saleHere Are Three Big Things Today’s Homebuyers Are Looking for in a Santa Barbara Luxury Home

I just read an article in Realty Times regarding three big things you need to keep in mind when you decide to sell your home.  As the article states, sellers have a lot of control when it comes to attracting buyers. I always help my sellers by educating them on the things homebuyers are looking for:

  • Curb Appeal
    You’ve heard about the importance of curb appeal, including the info I shared in this previous blog about the top five landscaping tips. Buyers should be so impressed with the front of your home that they can’t wait to get inside.
    When you consider curb appeal, make sure to pay attention to detail. Your home must be prettier, cleaner and in better condition than your neighbors. It’s easy. Just start with sweeping your driveway, walkway, and porch or entry of dirt and debris. Get rid of leggy bushes, wilted flowers, and broken tree limbs. Plant fresh flowers in your front garden or in containers at your entry. Power-wash the exterior and hand-wash your windows. Touch up paint around the windows, if needed. Paint the front door a fresh, modern color. Replace the door hardware and porch sconces.
  • Space
    Did you know that the number one reason people consider moving is for more room? Most of my clients in Santa Barbara are already offering space since they are selling large homes, but that doesn’t mean they have it made. A buyer’s first impression can be ruined with too much clutter, so make sure to keep your home tidy. That way, potential buyers can see your home’s features clearly and easily. Not only is getting rid of clutter in your home good for potential buyers, as I explained in a previous blog, it’s good for your health too!
  • Updates
    Make sure your home is as updated as possible when you list it. To update your kitchen, just replace the most dated features such as countertops, cabinet pulls, or appliances. In your bathrooms, invest in new towels, bathmats, and a shower curtain. Throw out slimy soaps and limp-ragged bath sponges. Replace with liquid shower and bath products. As far as a new coat of paint, don’t select the same colors you used ten years ago. Instead, select an updated neutral such as warm grey. Remember, color should complement the architecture and flooring in your home.

Check out my previous blog with a number of real estate trends that attract buyers. If you’re thinking of selling your home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at You can also find out what’s available in the area by visiting my website.

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