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Moving Advice: What To Keep and What to Leave Behind

The words Moving Day and a date circled on a calendar with a red marker to illustrate a reminder of an important time for relocation to a new home or place of business to illustrate moving adviceMy moving advice includes 10 items to leave and 5 things you’ll want to keep safe

I’ve shared moving advice in previous blogs including “6 Moving Mistakes to Avoid,” but I haven’t shared the fact that moving is the perfect time to get rid of your clutter. Sure, it can be difficult to decide what to take and what to leave behind. That’s why I’ve put together this list of 10 things to leave and 5 things to keep safe when relocating.

10 things you might want to leave behind:

  1. Clothing
    Moving is the perfect time to take a good look at your wardrobe. First, determine what you wear and the clothing items you love. Second, Donate everything else! For details on how to purge your closet, check out my blog, “Celebrity Closet Organizing Secrets.”
  2. Cumbersome ItemsLoded mving boxes to show moving advice
    What takes up a lot of space when moving? Old DVDs, books and large electronic items like old computers and ancient DVD players. Recycle them or donate them to a charity.
  3. Unimportant Papers
    Take the time to finally go through all those miscellaneous papers you’ve collected over the years. Of course, you’ll want to keep important documents like your marriage license, family birth certificates, and financial records. But don’t haul the rest. You might want to consider storing or scanning important papers into your computer, then shredding the rest.
  4. Bathroom Things
    Consider this; many of the items in your bathroom cabinets are trash, such as out of date medications. They’re also easy to replace, so don’t get all worked up over packing the bathroom. Get rid of those unused or expired medicines safely by throwing them out in the trash or flushing certain potentially dangerous medicines in the toilet.
  5. Shoddy Furniture– Moving to your new home is a great time to let your shoddy, old pieces of furniture go. Donate them to a local charitable organization. Besides, you might want to redecorate your new home. Keep that interior decorator info handy.
  6. Garage Debris–Most likely, there’s lots of stuff in your garage that you don’t use or is out of date. Safely dispose of insect killer, fertilizer, and other potentially dangerous chemicals before you move. If you need it, you can buy more at your new place.
  7. Large Appliances– Moving Is a great time to update your refrigerator, washer, dryer or other large appliance. Donate your old appliances to a local charity. Some even offer pick-up services. Getting rid of old large appliances will help movers get you loaded and to your new home much faster!
  8. Miscellaneous Household Stuff – It’s amazing how much we accumulate in our homes. Take a look at the things you use on a daily basis. Get rid of the things that are just taking up space.
  9. Old Mattresses and Bedding– Remember that your mattress should be changed every eight years. Is it time to replace? Why not treat yourself to new luxurious bedding while you’re at it?
  10. Unused Vehicles– Sell or donate that extra car or truck sitting in your garage. No sense in bringing something you won’t need to your new home. One charity I recommend is KCRW, California’s leading National Public Radio (NPR) affiliate. Donate a car to KCRW and help keep quality programming on the air. 

5 items to keep safe:

  1. Items for Your First Night
    Pack a bag of items you’ll need for your first night in your new home. First off, any medications you need should be easily located. Then there’s your toothbrush and toiletries. You probably want your favorite pillow and a change of clothes too. By packing a first night bag, you won’t have to dig through boxes to get to your necessities.

  2. Heirlooms, Memories and Fine Art
    Things that are near and dear to your heart and carry sentimental value should be packed carefully. So should your fine art collection. You may want to consider asking about specialty moving services for those items or transport them yourself.
  3. Important Documents
    Consider storing your important documents in a safety deposit box or private safe. For more ideas, check out #3 above.
  4. Plants
    You’ve worked hard cultivating those indoor plants and want to bring them to your new home. I don’t blame you. Some of the benefits of houseplants include reducing carbon dioxide levels, increasing humidity, reducing levels of certain pollutants and airborne dust levels, and keeping air temperatures down. Just be sure to pack your plants securely so they won’t tip over, and make sure they have plenty of fresh air, even during the move.
  5. Pet Picks– Take a look at my previous blog, “10 Tips for a Stress-free Move with Your Dog.” As I stated in that blog, moving can be stressful for dogs and other family pets. Bringing their favorite toys, leashes, and beds can help with the adjustment. Don’t forget any pet medications and, of course, their food!

I hope this moving advice helps when it comes time to relocate. If you’re looking to move in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, please call me at +1 (805) 886-9378 or email me at As a leading Realtor® in the area, I have access to private listings you won’t find anywhere else!


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