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New Real Estate Trend: Buying a House Sight Unseen

Young attractive couple in love happy together thinking and imaging blueprints , floor plan and design of new house, home, flat or apartment in real state concept to show real estate trendWould you ever buy a home based on a real estate trend?

Buying a home without seeing it first is – as crazy as it sounds – a new real estate trend. According to those in the know, it’s becoming a new normal in America.

Of course, most people take their time before they pull the trigger and buy a new home. They go through an entire process: they research the neighborhood, check out the community to see if the area is a good fit, research the local schools. There’s a lot to consider.


Follow any real estate trend with caution

But for people moving across country, or coming here from another country, our current seller’s market and tight inventory can make it nearly impossible to tour a potential new home and do your due diligence before making an offer. Even so, this current real estate trend of buying a home sight unseen can be extremely scary. If you have to buy a house prior to seeing it, please follow these tips:

1) Select the right agent
I’ve blogged about this topic many times before including “How to Work With A Realtor to Find Your Dream Home.” The bottom line here is to look for an agent who won’t mind working with you virtually, as well as give you a virtual tour of everything — the good and the bad — so you can make an educated decision.
2) Send a personal representative on your behalf
Send a sibling or friend who might be able to work with your real estate agent. Make sure the person knows what you’re looking for, so they can help the agent determine if the property is right for you.
3) Don’t take images at face value
Yes, a picture tells a thousand words but consider that most agents pay a professional to showcase a home. Professional photographers bring lighting and other equipment meant to enhance the look of a property for sale. Keep that in mind.
4) Make sure your contract includes contingencies
As with any major purchase, don’t sign a contract unless you protect yourself. That means make sure contingencies are included just in case. You never know, something might show up in the inspection that’s a deal breaker. Leave yourself that option.
5) Make sure you do an inspection
This is particularly important to those who are considering buying a home sight unseen. An inspection will reveal any functional items that need to be repaired before you spend your hard-earned cash.
6) Don’t do it unless you have no other option
If you’re relocating to Santa Barbara, you might want to follow another real estate trend: leasing before you buy. In fact, my new rental listing might be a perfect choice. This Sandyland Cove Oceanfront Compound is located right on the sand at one of the California Central Coast’s most private beaches: Sandyland. Complete with two guest houses, this property is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain. There are other amazing leases in the area. Check some out here.

Let’s get started

We’ll begin your hunt by checking out the listings in my prestigious portfolio of fine homes. Then proceed to the “Property Search” page where you can peruse all listings in the Santa Barbara area. You can even create your own file of homes you’re interested in and will receive email alerts when a price is changed or a new listing enters the MLS that fits the parameters you preset.

You can even do all this in my Montecito Properties app! Once I get an idea of what you’re looking for, you can leave the rest to me. Pull out your laptop and let’s get started! 

Don’t worry, I’ll hold your hand every step of the way and make sure you’re protected. If you must follow the real estate trend of buying a house sight unseen in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, please call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at


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