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Jul 172018

Extreme Lawn Care: Are You a Competitor?

10 Summer lawn care tips from the extreme lawn care guru I’ve blogged before about the importance of curb appeal but extreme lawn care is new to me. Would you pick blades of grass by hand or vacuum your lawn? Some homeowners across the country do....

May 92017

Outdoor Trends Perfect for the Santa Barbara Lifestyle

Top 6 Trends for Inside/Outside Living at its Best I just finished reading an article in Realty Times about the top outdoor trends this summer and thought the info was perfect for those of us lucky enough to live the Santa Barbara lifestyle. Here ar...

Apr 112017

10 Plants To Spruce Up Your Santa Barbara Garden and Keep The Mosquitos Away

Do you know there are some beautiful plants that can safely act to keep mosquitos out of your Santa Barbara garden and yard? Here are 10 that are most effective: 1) Mint Mint is an effective mosquito repellant that also helps to keep flies away. It...

Jul 142016

Outdoor Spaces in Luxury Homes: Builders Follow the Santa Barbara Example

Four trends that luxury homeowners across the country are implementing across the country to adapt the California dream of outdoor living I just read an article in the Wall Street Journal about outdoor spaces in luxury homes becoming bigger, more e...

Jun 232016

7 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe Around Pools and Spas

A couple summers ago, I wrote a blog post outlining several safety tips for pool owners. Because many homes in Santa Barbara have beautiful pools and spas, I thought it would be prudent to add a few more and remind those of us with those wonderful ou...

Jun 142016

The Top 5 Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

The right landscaping can really make a difference whether you are considering putting your home on the market or doing some entertaining this summer. Besides boosting the look of your home before it hits the market, landscaping can be key in creatin...

Apr 142016

Santa Barbara Pest Control

This year's El Nino may not have brought the record rains that were expected in Santa Barbara County, but experts say it is expected to wreak havoc with a huge surge in insects. "When conditions are warm and wet, many pests begin to swarm in searc...

Jan 192016

Is Santa Barbara Ready for El Niño?

Santa Barbara is set to weather the storm In a recent blog, I asked, "Are you ready for El Niño?" While the impact of this winter's El Niño forecast remains uncertain, many of us in Santa Barbara are ready for whatever comes our way. Some reside...

Dec 182015

Christmas lights can bring down planes?

A trendy, high-tech holiday lighting decoration may be flying off the store shelves but can these Christmas lights bring down planes? According to a story in, the Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI say, "Yes," these new lights co...

Oct 212015

Are you ready for El Nino?

Members from the National Weather Service, Cal Fire, State Office of Emergency and many more gathered in Santa Barbara recently to warn residents that now is the time to get prepared for the coming El Nino. Many experts believe that if the forecast E...

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