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Mar 222018

Another Fed Rate Hike? 7 Ways the Fed’s Decisions Affects Your Wallet

A Fed rate hike from tops economic news this week The Fed rate hike that was anticipated became a reality when newly appointed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced a modest benchmark interest rate hike of between 1.5 percent and 1.75. Th...

Dec 122017

Diversify Your Portfolio and Invest in Real Estate

Here are three ways to diversify your portfolio. Think real estate investment It's a new year, time to evaluate your finances and diversify your portfolio by investing in real estate. One of the biggest reasons investors diversify their real estate...

Jun 112015

Experts say interest rates and wages will rise

Experts say interest rates will rise as the Federal Reserve eases accommodations it made to boost the weak economy. That's the bad news. Now the good news: wages are likely to increase, too. And, statistics show that new household formations are on t...

Apr 282015

$40 million, the new price of luxury?

A report in today's Wall Street Journal says new luxury home listing and sales at the $40 million mark are popping up across the country including right here in Santa Barbara. The article titled "The New Price of Luxury: $40 Million," explains how th...

Mar 132015

Check out who made Forbes Magazine’s 2015 Guide to the World’s Billionaires

Forbes Magazine has released its 2015 guide to the world's billionaires. Check out this video from Forbes: "Billionaires 2015, the richest people on the planet." According to the new report, the number of billionaires around the globe expanded to a ...

Dec 42014

2014 Great Nonprofits Top-rated List: Who-s On Your List?

We've all heard the stories of non-profits miss-handling their contributions. That's why the 2014 GreatNonprofits Top-Rated List caught my attention. The list includes reviews of nearly 1,700 nonprofits to help donors and volunteers find worthy ch...

Dec 22014

3 amazing women who broke through the glass ceiling

As a businesswoman who broke through the glass ceiling due to my success in Real Estate, I always love to hear about other successful women and learn their secrets. I was surprised to learn that the total number of female CEOs of Fortune 500 companie...

Nov 252014

Montecito homeowner with excellent credit? Consider these excellent credit cards!

With the holiday shopping season upon us, let's take a look at credit cards. If you're a Montecito homeowner with excellent credit, banks are vying for your business with some extraordinary deals.  I've researched some of the best credit card deals ...

Oct 32014

Members of Fashion’s Billionaires Club Among America’s Wealthiest Entrepreneurs

You know the brands, like the Gap, Victoria's Secret, and Urban Outfitters, but what about the individual behind the brands, referred to as Fashion's Billionaires Club? The Forbes Magazine list of American Billionaires includes only 11 names from the...

Sep 192014

Financial Websites: 3 of the Best

It seems like every day we hear about smart, new financial websites and apps designed to change the way we save, shop, bank, invest and more. Here are some of the most interesting; perfect for my clients that own luxury real estate in Santa Barbara: ...

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